Where is import from Google Earth in 2016 Pro?

I must be dense.
Have just upgraded to 2106 Pro and cannot find tool for importing google earth.
Am I missing something or is this not a feature with 2016 ?

Same place it has always been: Window->Model Info->Geo-location

Hi Thanks for that found it and works okay.
Just that in previous versions you could place a tool icon to go to this function.
Thanks for prompt response
Have a good weekend

You still can. View>Toolbars>Location.

Minor point: The imagery and terrain don’t come from Google Earth. It comes from Google Maps.

Not so minor points: Google doesn’t accept submissions of SketchUp models for populating GE. And if you wish to see your model in your own local GE, you’ll export a KMZ file from SketchUp and open that in GE.

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Thanks for you help.
Have found the tool icon now.
Great and thanks