Looking for a way to import Google Earth elevation data into Sketchup Pro 2016

Probably 2016 Pro isn’t considered Pro anymore :upside_down_face: :but nonetheless I go to File ->Geolocation>Add location and get a popup with the icon in the upper left that started appearing when the Extension Warehouse and/or Sketchucation was broken with respect to version 2016.

I also tried exporting from Google Earth a .kmz file and then importing to Sketchup. Also no joy. In looking into this, I found that after Google and Trimble parted company that this quit working.

Then, after going through the process of exporting an image from Google Earth, I was able to import the image file but it had no elevation data.

I was able to successfully do this in the 2017 or 2018. Am I missing something?



Indeed, you can’t anymore, not for at least a few years :
Geolocation, just like the warehouses, use a webpage displayed in a chromium window inside your sketchup.
Thing is, websites don’t usually support older browsers, and that’s the case with your su2016 - your chromium is too old to use the web services.

Also, side note, Sketchup was sold to trimble in 2012, and since Sketchup2013, we haven’t had access to google map’s images and data. What it uses is now a mix of digital globe, bing and openstreetmap.
But I get your meaning, you want cartography / images / topography :slight_smile:

using the online free version, you can geolocate a file. but you’ll only get the roadmap photo, no topography, no satellite view.
From there, you could download the file, and open it in SU16.
(either as a collada, or you’ll need an extension like this one to open more recent version in 16)

Give precise coordinates and hope someone nice will give you the 3d file. They’ll provide you either a more recent file (see point above) or export it as 2016 version.

there are alternatives. I recommend cadmapper.com
they use similar data source, it’s based on openstreetmap (a mix of googlemap and wikipedia), with a free account, you can get up do 1km2 of terrain. you can ask for topography or not, buildings (each in a separate group), roads…

Some other solutions, involving extensions, grabbing heightmaps somewhere, and listen to Eric 10 min

If what you need is a topography, I would start with cadmapper. you won’t get the photo to match, but a chunk of the 3d will already be made.
Or the heightmap thing. depending on where you are, you can find some good quality data.

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Thank you very much.

nab already gave you some good options so I think you’re covered but do be aware that google TOC do NOT allow you to use their elevation or imagery data for your own creations.
I am not a lawyer and haven’t checked the details today but that at least is my current understanding.


I was just going to use it for my own personal use. I don’t think that there are any restrictions on that. Thanks.