Global option to export PDF as Raster, Vector or Hybrid

Hi team – I’d love to see a feature in the PDF export dialog box where you can choose to export the pdf as raster, vector or hybrid regardless of the settings you picked per each model view – even better, if you could have a global override per page in the export settings.

It is quite a time suck, specially for fairly complex models, to go through each page, change to hybrid, wait, then export a document. My ideal workflow would be to work in raster the majority of the time since it’s faster and then just export in hybrid.


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I think this is a good idea. The Document Setup >Paper dialog could have a series of “Output type” radio buttons with the options Raster, Vector, Hybrid and By Object.

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It exists for DWG, though not as refined as to select it page by page. I agree that it would be a very handy feature

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