Global rendering toggle for all viewports rasta to vector and back

(Apologies if this answered. I couldn’t find an exact matching thread.)

Many times I have seen the experts on here advise you should leave all your viewports set to rasta while working to improve performance and responsiveness of LO and then change them to Vector before printing and exporting.

Question: Is there a way to select all viewports in the document and switch them all to vector in one go? (and back to rasta again for further editing) If I have 20+ pages with 5-10 viewports/page, going page by page changing viewport rendering style is prohibitive. Each switch causes significant pinwheel time. Or better still If I could select only viewports I’ve placed on a layer called ‘vector’ and just switch all of those before exporting and then switch back for editing again it would be even better.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t think there’s a way to do that, you can just select all(Ctrl/Cmnd+A), then go to the sketchup model tray and change from vector to raster, it doesn’t matter if you have everything chosen, it won’t affect to all the elements but the viewports, it’s faster than selecting viewport by viewport.


at least… not yet. But Adam, from LO team, posted this a few days ago

they are considering adding such an option, and not just at export.
look at the thread linked, and the discussion after Adam’s message, it’ll tell you more about what they wand to do :slight_smile:

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I’m ticking solved because my question is well and truly answered. thanks @ateliernab … but the problem is definitely not solved. Please developers… anything to up speed.