LayOut screen rendering vs. output rendering

Using Vector or Hybrid rendering in LayOut viewports has a negative effect on LayOut performance. I would like a setting in addition to the Rendering Resolution setting that would allow for Vector and Hybrid rendering methods to be used only in output and export while the screen view would remain raster rendered.

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Obviously there needs to be better global / workflow / output render control.
IMO, this should be at the top of the list for LO developers.

what about Presentation mode…


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… and draft mode ?

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It could be confusing to not have the view show what the document really represents. I think disabling auto rendering is there to solve this, although maybe not the most polished design. Best case scenario would be a performance boost. Of course, the dream scenario would be just a single mode that can handle crisp vector edges, shadows, fog and all other things out of the box. While this doesn’t work for technical reasons I think it’s a good mental starting point, and then you can design workarounds from there.

I haven’t made up my mind, just thinking out loud.

Bah! For a short time I thought it was my own brilliant idea. :frowning:


I’ve never understood why Sketchup can display (on screen) perfectly, all the lines, textures etc and not have any real performance hit…but then Layout asks us to choose a viewing mode… with the aforementioned drawbacks on performance of both Hybrid and Vector…or the jaggy lines in Raster.

I even find using different viewing modes sort of irrelevant when talking about viewing the document on screen, as what you see is rasterized anyway, at your screen resolution. Vector and Hybrid modes come to their own when you are outputting the document either to a printer or to another file format like PDF or DWG.

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