Modify all viewports in a layout file

I am currently working in a relatively large layout file. About 40 sheets, with 3 or 4 viewports on each sheet. I have the viewports set to Raster, so that I can navigate between sheets and reload the model without having to wait too long for things to re-load. When it come to publishing I usually go through and change the viewports to Hybrid, so that the quality is acceptable. For a file of this size it will probably take me about 2 hours to go through sheet-by-sheet. Is there a way to select ALL of the viewports in the whole set, rather than having to go sheet by sheet?

Are you using sketchup 2020? When you export you can set that rastered images are converted into hybrid or vector automatically, it’s set by default to do so on sketchup 2023 but I’m not sure on sketchup 2020. You can check on the preferences.

I am using Sketchup 2023. I just did a test and it is definately exporting raster viewports as raster images. I have gone through preferences to try to find a setting, but can find anything that looks relevant. I can change the output resolution in page setup, but cannot find a setting related to converting them to vector.

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On the document configuration menu(file/document configuration), there’s a new option called render, there you can set the screen and export resolution and there’s a box that is ticked by default, I’m not sure what does it say on English I use on Spanish and it says something like output override only for raster rendered viewports, below it there’s a deployable window to choose between Hybrid or vector. If the box is unticked when you export, the raster viewports won’t be converted into hybrid or vector.

That wasn’t available to me, but I have updated to the latest version and it is now there. Thank you very much! That will save me many hours of mind numbing clicking!!

You´re welcome

Is there any reason to have 40 sheets in a single file? I can only imagine that is very slow.