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I like the recent addition of the override when exporting to a PDF file. However I am not able to use it as I often have a few view ports that need to be raster. One example is hidden lines (back edges) dont show up in hybrid. It would be great if there was a setting in the Sketchup Model tray of layout to choose the output render setting for each view port. Most of my view ports are output as hybrid for the line quality it gives. I usually have to edit the render setting for each viewport when creating a PDF. I tend to not save the Layout file with the hybrid output settings because its time consuming to change them all back if I need to make changes. Keeping the hybrid setting slows Layout quite a bit. A similar situation I run into is I create cover sheets with sketchy styles that dont come out with high quality output even in a raster view port. I know I can do work arounds by creating the cover sheet separately, but thats a pain to then merge the cover sheet to the rest of the drawing set. I suppose I could make those view ports an image then place the image on the cover sheet but again thats many extra steps when making revisions.

I am in no way complaining. The truth is I am able to produce next level drawings that my clients and contractors compliment.

There already is.


No there isnt. You can set the rendering or override all viewports at export but you cant override selected viewports.

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There is in 2022. Has it been removed in 2023?

no it’s still there.

there is a miscomunication at play :

When Ivanjones says that :

he means (I think) that he wants each viewport to look raster when he works but to export in a various state. not just one massive overwrite that sent all as hybrid or vector, but to be able to override using a different parameter for each viewport.

Anssi is correct too, right now, if you turn off override, you can pick a different output for each viewport. but the output will be visible as you work, with all the sluggishness vector and hybrid can sometimes bring.

So right now, these are the two choices. Either pick an output for each individual viewport (and maybe get some slow moments). Or pick an override for ALL raster

Being able to give a specific override for each could technically work, not sure if it would be great, it would require a lot of trial and error (since you see everything as raster, you’ll only see your mistakes once in pdf)
Another solution would be to boost layout so it lags way less when using vector and hybrid.

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Perhaps the Rendering dialog should have another Override checkbox: Display override, render everything as Raster…