Glitchy lines, Hidden lines in model

Hello all!

So i need to show this project i made to investitor…
Ive made whole model and started to animate it, in the time i think I’ve imported something from the warehouse, i think it was the hedge or some elements, I’ve noticed this glitchy lines that appears from random angles, and on animation… I need to get rid of them asap… I’ve tried so much stuff but nothing…


Can anyone help me please… I need to move on with the project… Thanks!

It looks like a graphics card issue. What is your graphics card? Unfortunately your profile has nonsense information regarding it.

You mention the hedge. Is there some unneeded hidden geometry included in the component? Have you tried cleaning up unneeded geometry?

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make but based on your description of the project, you need to be using SketchUp Pro.

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I’ve tried cleanup3 and still nothing… What more can i try?

When you turn on Hidden Geometry and all layers, do you see any weird edges?

Very likely the thing to do is get a computer with a decent graphics card.

I turned on all of those things and i still dont see lines… can u suggest anything else please? I dont know how this happened… and need to finish my project asap

I’ve already made the suggestion of a suitable graphics card.

Switching to Pro would give you some additional video export options that might also help. As I said before, from your description of the project, you need to be using SketchUp Pro anyway.