GK Ware - CabMaker Problem?

I’ve seen a lot of posts on these forums about the GK Ware CabMaker not working for people after they paid, has anyone had any luck actually getting this thing to work or is this extension a complete fraud? I’ve paid for it and will be calling the credit card company to report this extension as it is still unable to be used.

If anyone has a working copy how did you manage to get it working? The website states it will be able to be used once paid for but that’s turned out to be 100% false…

I haven’t tried the plugin, but take a look at this thread by the plugin’s creator, gkernan: CabMaker2 Kitchen, Vanities and case work Plugin/Extension. It would seem that it’s only an error/incompatibility from your side?
Try describing your problem in more detail to @gkernan .

HI @Mfee .

The extension is definitely not a fraud. I have been using it for a while now and even had an 1on1 online lesson with him. I am not sure but I think he is recovering from Covid. i have been trying to rerach him as well but he hasn’t answered. I hope he is ok.

He did indeed report that he was trying to recover from COVID. Hopefully he’s doing well and will be back in the saddle soon.

Has anyone had any luck contacting Garry. I have two accounts of his software and both show an error 25. I have clients waitng for revisions and i cant work! I am currently looking into the cabinet sense so i can switch. I love the extension but i unfortunately i cant rely on it.

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I still haven’t heard back either. Unfortunately I had to report the extension as fraudulent and my credit card is looking into it. Not sure what’s up with it but after nearly a month of waiting and being out money it’s not acceptable.

Hopefully you have better luck, I went back to AutoCAD myself…

@Mfee Does autocad have anything similar to cabmaker? or its just 2D ?

AutoCad is a 3D application although most of its users only work in 2D. Modelling in 3D has improved in the 2000s but there is no such fluid workflow that can be achieved in SketchUp.

It does 3D as well. I’m looking into Revit as it’s currently what most design firms are using for 3D modelling. There’s a ton of support for cabinet modelling with other software. AutoCAD architecture also has out of the box cabinets that can be used extremely quickly. It’s just learning another piece of software.

As an architect I have never felt a need for any extensions for modelling cabinetry in SketchUp - I feel it is quite straightforward with native tools. Designing a kitchen is basically a process of stacking standardized boxes against each other. They can be modelled as standard components or dynamic ones. I don’t know what additional value CabMaker brings into the process.

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The licensed software is the trial - once I update the account
Most problems are to do with error code 25 which can be fixed.

Error -25 means that the macaddress that we were using for security has changed. This could be that the one we used was a virtual device. We can find a physical device that shouldn’t change and use that one instead. I can support you over skype (my skype handle is my email address) or we can talk it through over the phone 250-372-0249

When I try to install GKWare Cabinet Maker 5 Design / Build getting error " This Extension is marked as being not compatible with your operating system or sketchup version. Proceed anyway? ". Operating system is Windows 11 Pro


  1. Download the latest trial
  2. Load Sketchup
  3. Run Extension Manager
  4. Click Install Extension and navigate to your downloads folder
  5. Choose the package that you just downloaded.
  6. Restart Sketchup


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Thank you Garry,

Would you share some links of good learning videos, So can learn and quickly create cabinets through GKWare.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.



I;m looking at modifying my licensing so that I can be away without clients running into problems. Version 7 is now out


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