GKWare License

Anyone else had tgrouble getting the license for GKWare activated? I started with a demo version and later purchased the license. It says that it is supposed to automatically change to a licensed verion but the plugin says “trial expired”. I have entered the password and username that I used for purchasing the license. Also I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin without success.

@gkernan I tried contacting you through your website, but no reply. Maybe my emails aren’t getting through?

Hope to get this resolved.

I only see GKWare Cabinet Maker free version for your gmail address. Did you pay for the license via Extension Warehouse, or directly with GKWare?

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I believe I paid directly on the website @colin

“the website”, was that extensions.sketchup.com, or https://cabmaker32.com? Which of his extensions did you buy?

It was cabmaker32.com and I bought the cabmaker v6 plugin @colin

I am not sure I can help then. Hopefully @gkernan will see your post. He hasn’t been in the forums for a while, so I sent an email to him to come and take a look.

@colin thank you. I’m not at the computer now but would it be a better solution to buy it through the extension warehouse instead ?

I am not even sure if you can buy his extensions in Extension Warehouse! The main advantage would be that I could then have colleagues look up the order, to see what is wrong.

Please email me directly at

Also provide me with your userid



Did you get this resolved? I am having a similar problem with no response. Gkernan’s response to this thread 24 days ago gives me hope :wink:

Hi! Yes I got it resolved after @gkernan answered me.


Yes, now for me too… Thanks for responding!

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I, too, am having a difficult time reaching @gkernan. Hoping he sees this and responds.

Me too. I’ve emailed @gkernan a few times last week and have not heard back. I paid for the extension and now I can’t use it. It’s really frustrating.

I read in another topic that he is sick of Covid. Give him another chance to recover… :innocent:

He actually reached out to me last week. I think he’s running through the backlog of customers as he was out for a couple of weeks.

That’s good. I’ve emailed @gkernan about half a dozen times. Nothing. I hope he gets ahold of me sooner than later.

Does GKWare ever get back to their customers? Is there any other extension recommendations for casework? Help!

@gkernan Can you please enable mfee username? I paid for the top CabMaker and cannot use it :frowning: There must be a better way to complete this so people are not having to wait and track down the creator…

Is this extension a fraud? I have not been able to use it since I paid for it, i’m getting ready to call my credit card company and report this as a fraudulent company. Not sure if anyone else has ever had any luck but i’ve email directly, emailed through the website, sent my receipt etc and never gotten a response.

Might just go back to ACA