Cabmaker error -25

Hi Garry @gkernan, last week we changed new wifi connection and from this time, I received in Cabmaker Error -25 , user registered on another computer. Now I cannot work with Cabmaker. But it is still the same PC. Could you please help me @gkernan ? I´m user L.Lussinka. Thank you

@gkernan Could you please help me?

If you search the forum for CabMaker you will find a number of other users having similar issues with the extension. The author has not been responding. He reported he was dealing with COVID and that may be the reason for his absence. His last activity here was the beginning of April.

It might make sense to find an alternative to CabMaker32 so you can continue with your work.

I think, he wrote it on February with Covid. And he wrote, he will answer via Email. Yes, I can find alternative to Cabmaker, but I bought this license on November 21, so I want to use this. I don´t want to buy something else and spent money for something else for a few months.

Garry is a straight up guy. I think if he was in condition to reply to your e-mail he would have done it.


Ok , Thank you for you answer.

This has been my experience in dealing with him in the past too.

He was always very responsive and helpful, so it seems most likely that the current situation reflects his incapacity to respond (due to COVID), and not his unwillingness.

Ok, Thank you. I will find new alternative of Cabmaker. But I´m very sad, because Cabmaker was very helpfull. Do you know about some alternative for SketchUp? Thank you.

To be honest I’ve never really found a need for a cabinet maker extension. Kitchen cabinets aren’t that difficult to model with the native tools. With one cabinet modeled, all the rest are just modifications of that one. I have a standard base cabinet and a standard upper cabinet saved as components. They give me the starting point when I begin a new project. If I’ll need to make shop drawings all the parts are made as components so I can generate cutlists and get other info out of the model. The only modeling extension that comes to mind is Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 for joinery details if I need to show them.

I have one client who buys drawer boxes from a supplier in Wisconsin. He always uses the same Blum drawer guides. For his projects I created a dynamic drawer box component that drops in place and gets resized based on the opening dimensions. The component is set up to output the info needed to determine the cost and place the order.

Doors only get detailed if they are being built in the shop. If they are outsourced the doors are kept quite simple. In either case I only ever model one door and the rest are modifications of that component.


I use Cabmaker on a daily basis and hope Garry Kernan has a quick and complete recovery. If he remains incapacitated, is there a way for someone else to take over and run the extension?

Perhaps but it would require Garry’s permission and likely his code.

It’s been done before. I used to have an extension called Layers Organizer that made the Tags interface similar to Photoshop. It was created by someone using the name Jiminy Billy Bob. But he stopped updating it and then the extension was taken over by an architecture firm.

Of course Garry would have to agree, along with someone capable of continuing it.

Happy to say that Garry is still around. I emailed Garry Kernan last night and received his response:

Sorry - I had covid and then ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. I’m out now but fairly weak.

I’m working on some new features and I am catching up on my emails


Email me at home and I can help you now or you can call me 250-372-9249

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