GK cabinet maker

Hi everyone! Band new user and newbie! :slight_smile: I am still using Sketchup Pro Trial version. I just downloaded GK cabinet maker trial version and I can’t insert any cabinet on my plan. I get a message telling me: "Web service error code: -23, error password does not match user. Please notify CabMaker32.com.
Did I miss something at the installation?

Did you set up a pass word when you down loaded the trial?

@JimmyBoy, Thank you for your answer.
I don’t remember having put a password. It actually opens a window with my name and a password bar where “Test” is already written and another bar named Hardware where I really don’t know what to write in. :sweat_smile:

I was referring to the GK trial version. That needs a password of its own. Or just email CabMaker32.com.

It is the trial version. I uninstalled and reinstalled it with no success. I will contact Cabmaker32.com
Thanks! :slight_smile:

@gkernan sometimes checks in here.

OK great! He is going to have the same message on both places. :slight_smile:
Hope to have an answer soon. My Sketchup trial version expires in 2 days.

Error code 23 means that your password doesn’t match

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It’s like I’m psychic. :smiley:

Garry, I downloaded the trial version and it installed itself without asking me to enter a password. There is “test” already entered in the password bar. Also, what do I have to enter in the Hardware bar?

@DaveR :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: :+1:

You need to create your own account in CabMaker 32

Trying to use “test” will not work.

@gkernan Thank you Garry, it works now! Now, I have training to do!
Thanks again. :slight_smile: