How to download cabinet maker for a trial run

will someone post a link for a trial download of GKware cab maker. I’m new to your community and can’t find the extensions area.

This thread will give you links to download the CabMaker extension.

This one leads to the Sketchup Extension Warehouse. The other principal source of extensions is SketchUcation Plugin Store. Some authors use only one, some use the other, and a few use both.

Some independent authors have their own website, and don’t use either of the above.

PS. It seems that the EW version is free, but only v5. You still have to register on the website - I had previously done that, but too long ago - I’m getting an error message when I try to open a freshly downloaded v5.

The later version(s) are on SketchUcation, and IIRC not free, but have a free trial.

thanks John.
Would you say in your experience that cabmaker is the most efficient for design editing and parts management?

CabMaker is NOT free. There is a free 7 day free trial.

If plugins are not sold through Trimble then they state that the plugin is free when often they are not.
When you sell through Trimble they take 50% of the plugin revenue for themselves.

I have asked Trimble to remove CabMaker 5 from the EW but they have not done so. CabMaker 5 is obsolete and no longer supported. You can get CabMaker 6 trial from my CabMaker32 website.

The last update for CabMaker 5 was Sep 27 2019

Off topic

I couldn’t say hard enough how much I hate the SU team’s behavior like that. This is an obvious and deliberate scam that they are unwilling to correct in any way. They don’t think it’s important at all and they say they don’t have time for it. But I think it’s completely illegal.

Also follow this

  1. Download the latest trial
  2. Load Sketchup
  3. Run Extension Manager
  4. Click Install Extension and navigate to your downloads folder
  5. Choose the package that you just downloaded.
  6. Restart Sketchup