CabMaker2 Kitchen, Vanities and case work Plugin/Extension

I’ve had my plugin available for quite a while but haven’t had any discussions on this forum about it.

The current version is 2.0.72. There have been 72 releases of this plugin from October 2016 to March 3rd 2017. I have been adding new features every week or 2 between those dates. Comments and Feature requests are welcome.

The CabMaker dialog box opens with the the first of three Cabinet parameter tabs. You use these tabs to configure the cabinet. You can also batch edit cabinets and change materials, rules and door shapes for all selected cabinets all at once.

Single editing of cabinets allow you to morph a cabinet from one type to another. You can have as many cabinet templates as you want. You can organize the templates within libraries.

Here are additional cabinet parameters.

This tab is only for Tall cabinets and is enabled when you choose Tall from the first cabinets tab.

There are 2 rule tabs. You can have as many rules templates as you want

Here is the Material tab. You can have as many material templates as you want.

You can add as many door / drawer templates as you want. You can also create your own profiles.

Each model stores the following PROJECT settings. It is these settings that work quickly with batch editing.

CabMaker works in fractional inches, decimal inches or millimeters. CabMaker construction is very flexible. You set the thickness of materials and control construction details. CabMaker builds overlay or inset doors / drawers in either Frameless, Full Frame or Partial Frame.

  1. Frameless overlay
  2. Framless inset
  3. Partial Frame overlay
  4. Full Frame overlay
  5. Partial Frame inset
  6. Full Frame inset

CabMaker Gold produces lists that can be directly imported by Cut List Plus parts optimizer or by Cutmaster parts optimizer and DXF output for CNC.

You can build cabinets with zero depth and just produce frames and doors / drawers or just doors / doors.

You can build face frame cabinets with beaded frames

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What extension did you use ? Like the wood work . .Repairing a Cedar chest now my self WOW lots of work to do

Think I just down loaded it


It is my own extension that I’ve built from scratch.
CabMaker 2
Version 2.0.72


Have not used it yet but may soon


I use the plugin and I like it. A real time saver.

I have added a Fridge cabinet to the plugin for all construction types.

CabMaker 2 now supports stretcher dados and kick dados (integrated kicks). Users the same Side Dado parameter.

CutMaster now has context sensitive help images for DXF Configuration.

You can now choose a different drawer style for the top drawer(s)

You can now have different material for the inside panel for doors and drawers.

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