Given a 2-storey building template with 3 scenes but am missing the transition to ground floor

Hi SU,

I was given a 2-storey building template with scenes but since today, the PLAN - DOWNSTAIRS is missing.

I am given:

  • 3D View
  • PLAN - DOWNSTAIRS (missing scene)

I have looked through the tags, but nothing matches the downstairs ceiling.
This is the current view for downstairs (should show all the furniture that I have imported from autocad plus all the 3d furniture I have added so far.

But it should look like this:

Any help would be really appreciated.


Are Section Cuts enabled ?


It would be easier if you add the model so that we can see it.

Ok. I’ve attached it for your reference.

The section cut is not active




The model took longer than I’d like to open.

I purged components and got the file size down to 41Mb.

I started a CleanUp 20 minutes ago and it’s still cleaning up.


After the clean up the file size is 34.5Mb.


Wow. Thanks for that.

Didn’t doing clean up erased the lines of the 2D plans? I also did a clean up on that file, but the first time I forgot to uncheck the delete lines on the CleanUp menu, it didnt take much for me though, it was just 10 seconds.

Good catch Francisco – I was too quick to reply here to notice if all the 2D linework was deleted.

I did the clean up again…

And unticked Erase Stray Edges and still it took over an hour to process…


Less edges reduced this time – all the 2D linework seemed intact.

Thank you very much Paul and Francisco!