Can i create these floorplans from a 3d model without materials

Hello, i have modeled a building and now i want to do the elevations and floorplans in layout with section cuts, parallel projection, from my 3d model. My question is: can i produce automatic floorplans and elevations that look like these (second picture) from my 3d model, or there is no way to see them without materials (first pictures)? Here is an example of what im asking if that seems confusing for you… pls tell me if you are understanding because english isnt my first language


p.s i have tried changing styles but its not what im looking for

You can suppress the display of materials by changing the style to use Hidden Line or Monochrome Face Style. This can be established for whichever scenes you choose in the SketchUp model. Maybe your perspective views are shown with textures while your plan and elevation views are shown in Hidden Line with just black lines and white faces.

You added this after I typed the previous. What exactly are you looking for? Show an example.

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1st picture is part of my plan because i cannot share it more

2nd and 3rd pictures are screenshots when i use other styles such as hidden lines and straight lines
the hidden lines, monochrome or straight lines dont work for me because they hide a lot of my furniture such as the reception, parts of my bathrooms etc.

4th picture is part of the plan created in autocad…

So my question is can i use sketchup layout to automatically create a really nice, clean plan such as the autocad one but with furniture and stuff because it will take a lot of time for me to manually draw them?

also sorry for the quality idont know what happend

Yes. You can. @DaveR told you exactly how to. You just have to change your face type.

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face type you mean styles or is that something else ? im a beginner in sketchup, but these other styles are removing some parts of my furniture

Of course you can, I do all my construction documentation using only sketchup and layout, I prefer to use the hidden line style or create a new file on sketchup paste the model and delete all the materials, then I use curio section to be able to apply hatch and line width directly from sketchup then send it to layout and there I don’t need to make different hatching.

If you activate profiles and set the value to 1 you’ll be able to see the profiles of rounded objects.

okay thanks ill try that and get back to you

I would recommend you start by visiting There are classes for SketchUp and LayOut that cover everything you are asking about!


I’ll add that beyond the style thing, you’ll need to add a section, horizontal, to your model so that it cuts your walls and windows and such. because right now, simply changing the style will get you a top view from your model, not an actual plan (with black walls and such)

pretty sure the sections are covered in the classes Aaron linked. they are quite a simple tool, and once you know how to use them, a section and a clean style will allow you to switch from materiale’d 3d to raw generic plan in seconds.

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can u help me with just one more thing ?
some walls are filling, some not in section cut, do you happen to know what might cause them? they are all in a group and all in the same layer, they are modelled correctly i think.

thanks all, your recommandations were very helpful :slight_smile:

Share the file.

If they were, they would fill correctly.

Section fills are drawn when the section plane edges form a closed loop where all the cut faces are in the same context (loose geometry or inside the same group or component). In a well organized model this is not always possible, as for instance cutting window and door components break up this continuity. TIG’s SectionCutFace plugin is a good workaround - it creates an actual face at the cut and you can then paint it, draw your wall layers on it etc.

First thing I would do is check the them with Solid Inspector.