3 D floor plan to like attractive and good

create floor plan into 3 D model to look interactive and understand how your floor look

ok. here it is.

that’ll be 50€

you do realise this is not a prompt-based discord where you ask for things and they magically appear right ?

you’ll have to write to us like the human we are, with proper questions and everything


This isn’t Chat GPT.

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You can, with SketchUp.
You cannot, with a non-existent version of SketchUp. There is no free desktop version, unless it is stolen. And it requires either a Windows PC or a Mac, it won’t run under “1”.

Since this (and your profile) looks like some ChatGPT question I’ll respond likewise: let ChatGPT answer your question: (I added “For SketchUp” at the beginning of the prompt)



For SketchUp create floor plan into 3 D model to look interactive and understand how your floor look



Creating an interactive 3D model of a floor plan in SketchUp involves several steps. Here’s a basic guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Draw the Floor Plan

  1. Open SketchUp:
  • Open SketchUp and create a new project.
  1. Draw the Walls:
  • Use the Line tool to draw the walls of your floor plan. Ensure accurate measurements.
  1. Create Openings:
  • Use the Rectangle or Line tool to create openings for doors and windows.
  1. Draw Interior Features:
  • Add interior features such as rooms, furniture, and fixtures.

Step 2: Extrude the Walls

  1. Use the Push/Pull Tool:
  • Select the walls and use the Push/Pull tool to extrude them upward to create the 3D structure.

Step 3: Add Details and Furniture

  1. Add Details:
  • Use additional tools to add details like stairs, railings, and other architectural elements.
  1. Insert Furniture:
  • Use 3D Warehouse or create your own 3D models to represent furniture and other interior elements.

Step 4: Apply Materials

  1. Select Surfaces:
  • Use the Paint Bucket tool to apply materials to different surfaces. For example, you can apply wood texture to the floor and paint colors to walls.

Step 5: Set Up Scenes

  1. Create Scenes:
  • Use the Scenes tab to set up different views of your model. This allows you to switch between different perspectives easily.

Step 6: Add Interactivity

  1. Use Dynamic Components:
  • If you want to add interactive elements, consider using SketchUp’s dynamic components. These components can have parametric properties that users can modify.

Step 7: Export to SketchUp Viewer or Other Platforms

  1. Export Model:
  • Save your model and consider exporting it to SketchUp Viewer or other platforms for a more interactive experience.

Step 8: Share or Embed the Model

  1. Share or Embed:
  • Share your model with others or embed it on websites for an interactive experience.

Remember, the specific steps may vary based on your design and the complexity of your floor plan. SketchUp has a large and active community, so you can find additional resources, tutorials, and plugins to enhance your model and add more interactive features.

I hope this helps.

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well… those steps are not WRONG… but they are not necessarily RIGHT, either… maybe a little bit of detail mossing…


(typo? … missing?)
You are right. And as I recently said: always check the “facts” that AI brings us.
But instead of answering such a vague question myself (is it about attractive or interactive) and also taking OP’s profile and the other information (joined 10h ago / read 3 minutes) into account I thought: lets see what Chat GPT can come up with (*). I’m not against going into detail if OP wants to discus (part of) the process of creating a floor plan.
ChatGTP can also be a good start for OPs in general to better formulate their questions to all us simple forum menbers. (badly/vaguely formulated in > rubbish out)

(*) <rant< Once again I started a new attempt in understanding Ruby, (I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in the past).
Just the other day I tried ChatGPT to get me a script to draw me a parabola on the ground plane, according to given formula and borders.
After some tweaking I got the code working. Adjustable parabola’s in different colors. For me it’s a start. For the gurus on the forum… they can’t stop laughing. I don’t care, :wink:

Maybe the OPs post should be in the Commercial and Collaboration category. Maybe they want to hire someone to create a SketchUp model.