Give (or take) ownership of Trimble Connect Projects

I’ve been maintaining two Trimble Connect accounts. Once associated with my personal SketchUp Pro (Classic) credentials/email and a 2nd associated with my work email associated with a SketchUp Pro (subscription). The work account exists because I felt it important that my employer pay for the privilege of my use of SketchUp for commercial purposes and there was hope (how dashed) that another person at my job would start using SketchUp as well.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began, I’ve been working exclusively from home. And that’s going to continue indefinitely - especially when I move 300 miles away next year and continue working for my current employer.

The work account is now no longer needed - my employer is now paying for SketchUP Pro (subscription) using my personal credentials - and we won’t be renewing the account using my work credentials.

What I want to do is transfer OWNERSHIP of all my Trimble Connect projects to belong to my personal credentials. This is in preparation for abandoning the work credentials completely.

How do I do this?


This would involve a few steps, and assuming that you have access to both Trimble ID’s
Best is to be logged in with your work account, first and then make sure that the personal TID is a member and ADMIN in each project:

In this example, MikeWayzovski is owning the project:

And then I change the role of Jack de Moel:

Once this is done and while still being logged in as MikeWayzovski, I then leave the project(s):

Now, I log in with the Jack de Moel Trimble ID and notice that Mike has left the building in the activity:

Since I have been made ADMIN, I have control over the project and can switch the billing account:

It is important to be sure to be logged in with the right account, DO NOT have two tabs open, Trimble 's cookies are very persistent…

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I’ve been off the grid - and I’m still away from my desktop. So I’ll try this this afternoon when I get home.

One question: You warn against two tabs. Does that warning include opening two - but with one of them in a Chrome Incognito window?

An incognito tab should work, too, one incognito for the work and the plain for the personal.

That’s what I was thinking. I’ll try it that way for one project - then make triple sure the changes result if what I want – before I do the rest.

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@MikeWayzovski’s solution worked just fine. I was able to have both accounts open with 1 in an incognito window.

Actually, it took me one fewer steps than anticipated - because I was only dealing with 2 users of each project. It seems that if both are admins and 1 leaves the project, the billing account is automatically shifted to the sole remaining admin user. No need to explicitly change it!

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