Getting models from online resources to include in SketchUp Make 2017 for windows 10?

Newbie here… I just got SketchUp Make 2017 and made a model. Can I navigate to somewhere online to get things like “Olive Trees” to include in my own model which I made and store on my local hard drive? do I need to sign up somewhere &are these things also free, or do they cost money?
Thanks if you can answer.

You can search the 3D Warehouse. Components and models hosted there are available at no charge. There are other sources that sell assets for SketchUp, too. For your hobbyist needs, the 3D Warehouse should provide you with plenty of suitable trees.

Thanks DaveR. Yes, there is lots of greenery there I can see, but not download without signing-in.
I was at the 3D Warehouse and clicked on sign-in/create account (to create an account as the help section directed me to do) but it appeared to only be for signing-in, with no visible way to actually create a new account, even though the online help said to do what I tried (go where I went). So after 3 failed attempts I was locked out for half an hour. I am ready to try again now. I feel like an idiot, and assume I must be missing something obvious. When I entered an email addy and entered a password, it acted like I was trying to sign-in to an already established account. :frowning:

I finally got an account and got into the warehouse to download the trees. Can they be scaled down in size to suit my model?

Time for the basics:
The learning center
Plenty of good tips etc.
More good info: Sketchup on You Tube
Both sites are Sketchup content.

Short answer: Yes.

As @RLGL points out, you should spend some time learning the basics. That’ll keep your hobby from becoming work.

THANK you!

Thank you. I am new, and it is fun. The basics tutorials and Youtube are my new best friends. -Besides you guys, that is. :wink: