Getting Error trying to install Sketchup Pro 2020


I am trying to install Sketchup Pro on Microsoft Windows Server 2019 version 10.0.17763 Build 17763.

When I try to install I get the following error.

“The operating system is not adequate for running Sketchup 2020”

This seems like a very vague error and since I am running Windows 10 it doesn’t make much sense.

I also created a service request for this, but I do not know what email is configured for my license, and I have no way of finding out or contacting anyone from Trimble to correct the email.

Could someone please help?

I seem to remember seeing elsewhere in the forum that SU (at least v2020) won’t run without problems on Windows Server. Try searching for ‘windows server’ on the forum.

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Thank you John. I think I found a work around for this after performing your suggested search.

Glad you have it fixed.

I seem to remember that the standard SketchUp installer doesn’t work on the server version of the OS but that you can first install the required Microsoft libraries and then use a SketchUp MSI file to install.

Hello, I am having issues with installing the SketchUp Viewer 2020. I am trying to install this on an RDS that uses Windows Server 2019 Standard. When I try to install the software it says the Operating system is not adequate. I have run the SketchUp system checker and that says the system requirements have been met so I am not sure what the problem is.

From the System Requirements:

Remote Desktop Connections
Due to hardware restrictions in shared environments we can’t reliably predict how SketchUp will perform. At this time SketchUp is not supported via a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) on any platform.

What are you exactly trying to achieve? Note that installing SketchUp in a way that shares it between multiple users is forbidden in the TOS. On the other hand, if you are installing it onto a virtual computer, why does it have to use a server operating system? (btw, I understand that even that is not allowed). One thing to note, too, is that SketchUp won’t work without an OpenGL-capable graphics card. Not all VM systems can provide that, some need special hardware.

how did you fix it please?