Who is listening?

Dear Trimble,

It is frustrating that in the day and age of Work from Home and a Covid Crisis that Trimble chooses not support a majority of the Virtual Desktop instances running on operating systems such as Windows Server. I get needing to support a GPU (we have that) but not supporting a server vs. desktop install does not make sense. It will run it has in the past. So if you concern is licensing you already solved that by removing network licenses and forcing named user. What you are going to do is force CIOs and IT Directors of AEC firms to look for alternative solutions like Rhino. Ask Adobe how their policies have lost licenses to competitors like Affinity. We will leave.

Just give us an MSI installer that works for the device we need to provide to our employees to be efficient from anywhere and stop with thinking your protecting your interests only. Customer service wins.

Being not supported doesn’t mean it won’t work. But the virtual machines must support OpenGL.

They wont even allow it to install despite it working flawlessly with the NVIDIA GPU provided for users.

They just refuse to allow us to install it on Server 2016-2019.

I sort of misread your post. Windows Server is AFAIK not a supported operating system.

I have tested SketchUp successfully in a virtual machine in an environment comparable to yours, but the system was Citrix-based and the VMs were running a desktop version of Windows.

There are other threads about Windows Server. Perhaps a workaround is possible:

Try this: spin up a windows 10 Vm and install SU on it. Next, copy the complete folder structure starting at c:\program \sketchup from the VM to the host (easiest way: zip up the VM folder, copy the zip file to someplace you can reach from the host OS, then unzip to the host). You will end up with the exact same files and folder structure that you would have had were the install to have succeeded on the host in the first place. Now navigate to c:\program files\sketchup\sketchup 2021\sketchup.exe, right-click, properties, compatibility, run in comparability mode for Windows 8 and run as administrator. Launch and enjoy.