Get image from x sides of model


How can I get images from x sides of a 3d model? (like in sonic 3d blast’s sprites for ‘all’ sides)


You will have to create them in scenes. There are some default architectural type scenes built in, including front, back, sides, top, etc. but if you want ore than that, it’s cabin doors to manual.


can you explain how to do that?


Perhaps this video by SketchUp School may help.


For what you want, you need precise camera views.

If you just need orthogonal views, you could use Camera → Standard Views → Front etc., with Zoom Extents, and then export.

If you need as many views as in the Sonic example, you need a tool to automate the task.
There used to be a SketchUp Web Exporter which rotates the camera cylindrically around the vertical axis. If you also need oblique images (like around a sphere), you probably have to write your own tool using the Ruby API.

  • Determine the center and size of the object
  • Determine the optimal distance of the camera from the center
  • Keep the camera target fixed and increment the camera eye while iterating over two rotation angles.


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