Auto Export as Images via Camera Rotation

Hi there,

New to SketchUp but am loving it so far.

One thing I would like to do is to, set the camera in ISO and then automatically rotate around a model 360 degrees taking a
picture per degrees. So if I wanted a choppy rotation I could go with 1 pic at every 30 degrees (12) or a smooth rotation of 1 picture every 2 degrees (180).

I’ve used this feature in Qubicle and it’s great to make sprites and if this has it, I we be super happy.

The extension library is down ATM so I can’t look around myself…any thoughts?

Thanks in advance…

Maybe you need to take a look at an extension called Spritely. I haven’t used it but it might do what you want.

You could just create scenes at cardinal points around the model. Four should do it. Then export an animation as images to get the auto-export. The longer the scene transition and the higher the frame rate, the smoother.

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Thanks Dave…I’ll take a look at Spritely whenever the warehouse is back up…

I don’t think anything manual will work as for most actors in the scene, I’ll need 360 images for each. With static objects, your suggestion would work fine.

Looking forward to seeing Spritely…hope the warehouse is up soon…

Did you try the link I provided? It ain’t in the Warehouse.

Actually just noticed that and am signing up there…cheers…

Yep, this will work.

Assume. Thanks Dave!

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