Geometry problem with my model


So I was uploading a model to Sketchup and it didn’t upload right. See image. HELP!

I can’t tell there’s anything wrong from your screenshot. What is it supposed to look like?

Does it download incorrectly, too?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Complete your profile.

Here’s how it’s supposed to look. I’m using Sketchup Make 2017 because I can’t afford the newer ones nor use the web version (Because it sucks.)

Download’s fine when I DL the 2017 file, but not with the newer ones.

The 3D Warehouse no longer supports SketchUp 2017.

Fix your profile.

I can upload them anyways. All the upload’s I’ve done are from SKP2017 and this is the only one that’s messing up. I don’t know what the newer Sketchup rendering engine is causing those two holes to appear.

Share your model file. I expect the answer is in the model.

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Wayne+Busette+SB+(Ford).skp (6.6 MB)

in SketchUp 2017


Mihai beat me to it but he’s spot on. Bad geometry in the model. As I wrote, the answer is in the model. I made the same fix he did and the Warehouse handles the model as it should.

Thanks. I went and did the same exact thing. It has since been fixed.

It would be good to edit the title of this thread since it wasn’t the 3D Warehouse messing up you model.

By the way, your comment on my 3D Warehouse page…

Mike’s Garage of Wonders posted a comment about one of your models.

“That’s my squeaky bus give it back!”

…was uncalled for. I only uploaded it to show that there 3D Warehouse handles the corrected geometry as expected. I deleted the model afterward.

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