Geometry is not showing up in LayOut

Hi there,

My sliding door track is not showing up in my section in LayOut. All appropriate layers are on, nothing is hidden, it will show when I change the viewport to raster. However, it will not show in vector or hybrid. I’ve tried redrawing it, even just putting its profile on the side of the cabinet won’t come in.

Any ideas?

Could you share the LayOut file so we can see what’s going on? If you can’t make it public, send it to me in a PM.

OK. Sending privately.

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OK. Try this:

Edit the style, turn on Profiles and set them to 1. Then update the style by clicking on the large thumbnail in the upper left corner of the Styles panel. Save the changes, update the reference in LayOut. Does the track show for you, then?

I also edited the Section Line weight to 1.

Ok, I set the line weight to 1. I don’t see where to turn on Profiles.

Oh geez. I got it. One sec…

In SketchUp.


No, it still doesn’t show up. Hmmm.

I wonder if you are seeing something odd with the graphics. Make a copy of that viewport over to one side of the page. Drag the edges of the viewport to make it larger and change the scale for that viewport to something like 1:12 or 1:8. Any change?

FWIW, that track could stand to be simplified. It’s overly detailed for the way you’re using it.

Working on it. :slight_smile:

I went all the way up to full scale and it still doesn’t show up. I tried to change it to a different layer. Still didn’t work.

Temporary fix. I changed the length of the extrusion to just 1 inch. Just so that you can still see it in the appropriate sections. It now shows up. Is it possible it was too much complexity to make it show up in LayOut? Like you said, it could be simplified.

I’m not sure why it isn’t showing for you. It does for me as you can see from my screen shot. There are some short edge segments that don’t, though.

I simplified it and you can see it shows better without gaps.

Here’s the simplified track. You could replace the existing one with this.
Door track for Velina.skp (34.8 KB)

THANK YOU!!! Using your simplified version. You’re always a great help. Thanks Dave!

You’re quite welcome. I found something I should have looked for earlier. Layers aren’t used correctly. I fixed them in this revised version. Did you download the track from the Warehouse?
Door track for Velina.skp (34.8 KB)

No, I downloaded the DXF file from the manufacturer, then imported the profile to sketchup, then I just pulled it to length. I didn’t use profile builder 3. But it’s the length its supposed to be in the model and I can see it in LayOut now.

OK. Downloaded DXF explains the excessive detail for the application and the bad layer usage.

So the simplified version is working though? Good deal.

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You could also, if you can, try the file in SketchUp/LayOut 2019. It has some kinds of fixes for these missing lines in vector renders - I am not sure, though, if the fix is totally bulletproof.

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Well, that’s true. If I can wrestle a business CC from one of my bosses, I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile: