Geometry not showing up in layout when I update the model reference

Good afternoon all,

My pantry door is not showing up in LayOut. (Updated 2019 PRO today). The scene has been updated, the model has been saved. I closed both SU and LO and restarted and the pantry door was showing in LO until I saved LO then it disappeared again.

What could be the issue?


How about sharing the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got?

Trying to. Nothing is happening.

The file is probably too large. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Your LO project is stumping me. I can make a new LayOut file from your model and have the door show up. When I copy it to your document and render it, the door disappears. I even tried creating a new scene with the door shown but I get the same results in your file. I’ve tried saving out the SKP file and then relinking it to have a new reference. No luck.

How are you creating the model, the layers, and the section cuts?

Well, I’m not sure how to answer that exactly. I am just over a year using SU so I have been taught to make everything on layer 0, then assign layers to components, groups and so on to control their visibility in scenes. I make scenes from there. However, this particular model was made by one of the partners, and this door is just a solid group. I exploded it to make it a component. Then I grouped it with the push/pull plates that are on it. It’s weird that the only the plates show up in LO, and not the door. Shoot. Maybe I should make a whole different model for just that door, and then paste in place. This is a thinker, huh? LOL.

did you move the geometry ‘back’ to layer0 after exploding?


@john_drivenupthewall I don’t think so, but I’ll check. Just opened it up now to work on. Will respond back with any new info.

I didn’t see any issues with the door geometry being on the wrong layer. That was an early consideration in my investigation.

There’s no need to explode a group to make it a component. You can just right click on the group and choose Make group…

I was wondering if you are using some extension to create the layers and sections cuts and such.

Oh I see. No, just native tools.