Geometry check please



Greetings all
It’s been a long time since I have used SU ( busy times here) and I have just drawn a rotating tool stand for my shed.
It took a bit of working out as I had to dig through the old grey matter and try to remember what I had learnt .
My drawing looks like something I can use to create the tool stand but Im sure there are faults with my drawing that I can improve on
Thanks in advance
Geoff R

rotating tool stand.skp (40.8 KB)


Nothing much wrong with the drawing. Most of it is contained in two components but you have some unassociated ungrouped geometry.


Thanks Simon, can you tell me how you see what is unassociated ? and how I can fix it please



In the Outliner window, select everthing there, all your components (or groups too if you had them), then hide your selection. Everything left is ‘loose’ geometry. To fix, you could just select all the loose geometry and make it a group/component. A better way would be to make each solid object a component so you’d have the cylinder being a component and 2 copies of the cuboid components.

Incidentally, I’m curious as to how the tool stand rotates. Is that cylinder the axle? I thought they were drawer handles at first until I saw they went all the way through.


Thanks McGordon
I forgot about the outliner, am I able to select the components as they are now and create components?
Poor Dave Richards will have a coronary seeing me forget about components again …:(:hushed:

Yes, the cylinder is the axle :+1:


Triple-click on the cylinder, make it a component. Do the same for the top and bottom panels. If you want the panels to be two instances of the same component definition, select one of them and in the Components window, right-click on the other one and choose “Replace Selected”.


Thanks again :+1:


I’m guessing the “cylinder” is in fact a screw thread for a vice which has other elements contained within one of your groups. If so, it may be more logical to group the screw thread with the front part. Or you might want to keep each element separate but contain the sub-groups forming the vice into an overall group/component called “vice”. It all depends how much you want one bit to affect another if you edit it or how you want your drawing to be organized. For a simple model like this, it is possible to get over-complicated, but adopting a logical policy helps if you start to make much more complex drawings.


The cylinder is just a round rod that the top rotates around.
I know nothing of cad drawings as such, I just want to make some basic things in my shed but need a plan to work to, so I am trying to learn SU as I go, Complex drawings are way out of my league.
Thanks for your input



I noticed some weird measurement on the bottom stiles.
I would make them all the same…

Greetings, Herman.


Thanks Herman
I don’t know how I did that :blush:
Im going to try and redraw this today and see if I can make it better


Did you see my private message?


Hi Dave
Sorry about the heart attack :slight_smile: Am reading through your message now


Here I have drawn one leg, made it a component then copied it. Drew one brace, made it a component then copied it.
Looking in outliner and selecting the brace it shows both braces as expected, yet when I select the leg component the outline appears across the top and bottom of the legs.

Why does this happen? It was very basic what I did and I don’t understand the outcome


PS: its Friday morning here and I need to put a fence up, so I probably wont be checking back here until this evening :slight_smile:

rotating _tool_top.skp (36.3 KB)


You created both legs as one component, not one leg duplicated. And you did the same with the braces - you only had one brace and one leg component each listed in Outliner.

My guess is that you drew one leg, made into a component, then opened it for editing before selecting all the loose geometry, then copied that while still ‘inside’ your leg component. Or else copied the leg as loose geometry, selected the leg geometry, copied it THEN made both sets of loose geometry into the one component.

rotating _tool_top JWM fixed.skp (34.4 KB)

Look at the difference in highlighting below. On the left, your original - two legs in one component. On the right, the corrected two separate one-leg-each components.

And the same for the braces:


You did the same thing I described to you earlier.


hmmm, thanks John
I thought I was doing it correctly but apparently not, I will try again and se if i can figure out what it is Im doing wrong


after drawing and making a component Im triple clicking to highlight it all to copy, is that where Im going wrong ?


Yes. Exactly. After you make the component single click on it and use Move/Copy.


ahhah, finally !
thanks heaps, here I was all the time triple clicking thinking Im doing the right thing and shooting myself in the foot
Someone takes this ■■■■ gun off me :laughing: