Geolocation not working

If you want to keep using geolocation with SU2016, you can download the free trial for PlaceMaker at

As @sketch3d_de mentioned, see the help center article. You should have been seeing a big red bar warning you of this. And due to a bug early this morning, 2016 and previous versions of SketchUp are not getting and which would have redirected you to the help center article. We’re fixing that as we speak.

As @Whaat mentioned, if you’re unable to upgrade to 2017, where we built in the replacement, 2016 and previous versions of SketchUp wont work and you will have to rely on 3rd party things like PlaceMaker.

And you should be seeing it now in 2016 and previous, with pointers to the help center articles. Sorry for only partial language translations.