Geolocation export to Revit sizing issue, help needed

Hi I am having a sizing issue when exporting geolocation topo file to Revit 2023.
Lets say I select a region that is 500x500 feet from the Sketchup geolocation app, it imports the region i selected into sketchup just fine and I can export as a dwg file or so I think. The problem happens when I import the file into Revit it looks like I selected a region much larger than what I actually selected, ( not sure exactly how much larger but about double so 1000x1000ft) but it is crammed in the space of the original selection so 500x500ft. I can tell this because of the topography has elements that should not be there in the original 500x500 region and the location snapshot is also of the larger area much larger than what I see in Sketchup.

If it is correct in SketchUp, and incorrect in Revit, I would guess there is an issue in your importing process in that side of things. Maybe you can share your file and someone else can try importing.

When you export a 3D model your entire model is what gets exported.

Check in Revit that the units it expects for the import are the same as you have used in the SketchUp model.

I will double check the units but I’m pretty sure they are both set to feet. Also any idea why the export file that I create in sketchup would be of a larger area than I selected in the select region step? what I selected in the select region step and what I see in sketchup are the same but the exported file is of a much larger area as if I selected a larger section in the select region step but it is compressed in to the original area size,

No idea. Which of the available services did you use to get the terrain image? What shows in your SketchUp file? I am not sure, but the areas might be served as “tiles” that might be larger than what you selected. You could remove what you don’t want in SketchUp prior to exporting.

I use the sketchup function found under File > Geolocation > Add Location

then I use the Select Region button on the right of the window that popped up. This imports my selection into Sktechup workspace

in sketchup I don’t see anyhthing other than what I selected doing this, but the exported file seems to be of a larger area than I selected

Ok. I believe I figured it out and it is me mostly being an idiot. I was trying to overlay a material in Revit onto the site using the location snapshot that is saved when importing the geolocation data into sketchup. This image is of a much large area than the topo data you receive. The topo data was looking off to me because well it isnt 100% accurate and in my head it didnt match my property well but was in fact correct. The image on the other hand was not and so I had to trim down the image file to match the area of my topo (basically eyeball what I see in sketchup and crop it down to match) then use that as the image for the material. And now all of that overlayed with my property lines in revit seems to match up pretty well.

Thanks for all your help!

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