Is there a SketchUp Dialog Box Size setting?

Hi all,

Is there any way to define the default size for dialog boxes in SketchUp, especially the Add Geolocation dialog?

Reason I’m asking is that this dialog always appears too narrow for the Select Region/Grab buttons to show, so I have to resize the dialog box manually. This is not a problem for occasional use, but I need to geolocate about 15,000 items and resizing the dialog box 15,000 times seems a bit cumbersome.

I browsed my Windows registry and the SketchUp menu options, but I can’t find a setting.
I also upgraded from SketchUp 2014 to SketchUp 2016, but the issue remains.

Thanks in advance!

The last used size and position is saved into the user hive of the registry, like all UI::WebDialog objects:

This is the key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\WebDialog_ModelHere

I just tested it and it remembered the larger size I set it to. Closed SketchUp, reopened and geolocated a new model, … the dialog opened in the larger saved size. (I also had regedit open and could see that the size was changing.)

So you should not need to be tweaking anything. SketchUp will use your latest size and position.

Thanks. I’ve located the setting, but no cigar. Yes, the new dialog size is written to the registry, but that doesn’t solve the issue.

The problem, erm, challenge I encounter is when I select the region and grab it, the dialog window shrinks to fit the grabbed region, which is usually smaller than the minimal dialog box size, and stores the new size in the registry. Hence next time I open the Add Geolocation dialog, the window reverts to its minimal size, which does not show the Select Region button.

I tried setting the dialog size manually in the registry, but to the same effect.

Can the box size autosave be disabled, to make SketchUp not store, just retrieve the dimensions from the registry?

Edit: I tried adding “MinHeight” and “MinWidth” parameters, but to no avail :slight_smile:


Ah, okay, yes that behavior would be unwanted. A bug for sure.


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That’s what I thought.
The easy remedy would be not to store the dialog params at this point, but more fundamentally, bitblts should be done off-screen, imho

Well, I’ve just been on vacation, so my sarcasm-peptide levels are elevated from hanging around with like-minded humorists, so my first response is that it works properly on Mac, so you should buy a Mac and help my Apple stock price.

Yes, it’s a sad bug. We on the 3dwarehouse team who can fix this will look into it.


ps - todays AAPL market cap is only $592.83B, so buying a Mac to help a poor shareholder out is still not a bad idea.