Geolocation display at 3dwarehouse is broken with the latest update

3dwarehouse was updated recently to the new UI and Geolocation button is no longer active.
how to see location of the model on map from the browser?

What brwoser?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? What operating system? What graphics card. Please correct your forum profile. Bogus information there doesn’t help us help you.

Profile updated, sorry
I’m referring to website, which I access outside of SketchUp with both the Edge and Chrome browsers. Geolocation icon was always active and it was possible to see location of the model on the map

So you’re using SketchUp Free, the web based version. OK. Thanks for updating your profile.

It has been reported that some features are temporarily disabled in the latest release but they will be added back in when additional updates are released.

No, I use - please see attached image
Geolocation pin have always been at the right-bottom of the model which you may click and see location on the map, but now there is button instead which is not active

But your profile indicates you are using the free web version of SketchUp.

I already told you there are some features in the current release of the 3D Warehouse which are not active. They will be returned in a future release.

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