Search for Models by Location, Recency; Control Quick Downloads

Just confirming whether these features exist, and if not, I urge the 3DWarehouse team to consider implementing them–

  1. Make it possible to search for objects by geo-location. Currently, this is impossible even though geo-location data being embedded into 3DWarehouse files and included in at least one of the background databases for searching the current site.

  2. **Let users decide which version of download file they wish for the 3DW “Quick Download” button to download. (Currently, this button is permanently fixed as prompting a download of the most recent-year SKP version of the file available.)

  3. Make it possible to see the newest-added objects to 3DW. Unless I’ve totally missed it (_and hopefully I have just missed it!__), there’s no way to browse the newest-uploaded files on 3DW. Would be extremely useful, fairly easy to implement, and a highly popular feature.

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  1. It exists. Type the city you’re looking for in the search bar and hit enter. When the search results come up, on the left hand side, down the page, you’ll see a “Geolocated” toggle switch. Click that. I just did that for Denver and I got 7,000+ models.

You can also geolocate your model (File->Geo-location->Add Location), and once your model location is set, click Window->Components. In that panel, you’ll see a house: click on the triangle to the right of it and select “Nearby Models”. You should get a set of models that are in near range of your geolocation.

  1. In SketchUp, we download the appropriate version for your, because you can’t insert a 2018 file in 2017. If you download from a browser, you’ll get the set of downloadable versions.

  2. We used to have this by default on the main page to give users a sense of how many models were getting uploaded (a lot), but this also led to moments when our CEO would be on stage and show 3D Warehouse, and if some talented middle schooler had chosen to express his/her middle school taste on 3D humor, well… there it was. You can certainly search for it by again, using the advanced search panel, search for models just from today (11/5/2018 to 11/5/2018) and sort from new to old, you’ll have the freshest, piping hot models just out of the oven.

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Barry, thanks for the reply. In the past, I’ve entered a city-state search, then filtered by Geolocated objects, and found that results did not include all objects in the respective city.

Thanks again!

Yea, it wont be perfect with that search because it’s relying on textual information in a geolocated model. I could model Coors Field in Denver, but if I don’t put “Denver” somewhere in the text and just call it a baseball field somewhere on earth, it’s not going to show up. The Nearby Models will do that, but it’s due for an upgrade for sure.

Hey Barry,

Can you help with with finding nearby models?
My model is geolocated but I can find "components"in window menu, maybe its somewhere else?

Best regards,

It’s in Window->Components, and in that window, click on the triangle which opens this menu:

However, with a recent API update on this old API, we broke this (if you click on it, you’ll get a message saying your internet connection is down). We are working on a fix.

In the mean time, I’d navigate to search, and check the Geolocated button, or go to (in SketchUp, if you paste that in your search bar, it’ll take you there), then enter your city or region. You’ll have to look at the models to see where they’re located. To do that, click on the Geolocated on the right side of the model page:


And you’ll get a map of where the model is.

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Hi Barry, thank you for the update and for letting us know that this feature is currently broken. Do you have a timeline for when the locate nearby models feature will be fixed?

It is fixed. I guess I put that in another thread. Let me know if it’s not.