Features for 3D Warehouse


I thought: what if we could add extra images for each model uploaded to 3D Warehouse, like on TurboSquid or other on-line libraries? Currently the only image is generated from SKP model. Some more images could show details of a model without need to enter 3D view (which often renders too long to wait), a rendered scene, raw wireframe or texture maps. Possibilities are endless.

Another nice feature (this one was already posted somewhere, I think), would be ability to follow a user or collection, so we would get notified via e-mail or SketchUp account about new models added to followed collection or by followed user.

Downloading entire collections would be cool too!

Like this? https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/u813db29e-2afb-4f1f-80e7-eb9b26885a15/Métro-Paris-1900

It’s set by your camera.

Hi Michal! Thanks for the suggestion!
We do appreciate feedback and will definitely look into this.

Barry, nice wagon!

TheGuz, thank you :slight_smile:

I thought about one more improvement: increasing maximum model size from 50 MB to at least 100-200 MB.

One more!
Ability to preview a model in 3D Warehouse in full screen mode :smiley:

That’s already there. Click for the 3D view, then click the four-way arrow at the bottom right of the view.

Can I piggyback on this thread?

I’d like a way to search for models by measurement units (inch/feet vs mm/cm). Why? When I look for architectural, site/landscape, or building models, about 95% or more are created by modelers in Europe, Asia, and South America… Searches result in THOUSANDS, if not tens of thousands of post-modern buildings, based on metric/SI units. There’s far fewer models of North American-style buildings in comparison, but the ones that exist are based on inch/foot units. They’d stand out better if I could search by units. As it stands now, there’s probably one new American- or Canadian-looking building for every 100 new “metric modern” building models in the Warehouse. If I’m making a massing model or something similar that represents a community in the US or Canada, a landscape of boxy postmodern houses from Netherlands/Spain/Thailand/Denmark/etc doesn’t look right.