Geolocation Bug

We first noticed the issue on the 17th. I was able to view the map once randomly that week but have been unsuccessful since then.

My colleagues & I are experiencing the same issue with geolocating since 06/04/2021 (last week). SketchUp Pro 2021 on Windows 10. Grayed out map, but if you do select a region and try to download Digital Globe data, we receive “An error occurred while downloading map tiles” and no geo-located layers are added to the project.

Below is what I see with “Show DevTools” in the grayed out map area. No difference if I choose a satellite view or map view, or if I toggle off “Hi Res Coverage”

Thanks! A member of our support team James Elliot should be trying to reach you to see if this is perhaps due to a firewall or blocked port issue.

Thanks for the report and screen grab I will discuss it with my team.