Geolocation bug with sketchup Pro

When I try to geolocate a street that I already done before the image disappears, just around that street.
I tried to log out and log in, but it’s still the same.

Hello, I’m having the same problem and told about it. It sometimes is fixed by zooming in and out.
What happens if you grab an area which can’t load ? SketchUp hangs on my side.

Exactly. Some here

The add location window is a web page. You can right-click on it and choose to show the dev tools. Then in the dev tools Console you can see what errors are happening. Can you show what errors are in there?

I have the same problem. Coincidentally, the location I need is in the greyed-out area. When I try to download it, Sketchup hangs. If I choose a location that has a satellite view, then no problems.

This is the console error I get.

The yellow messages are warnings, I was looking for red text.

Try zooming in and out, until a few tiles are not filled in, and see if any red text appears.


In my case this is what appears:

Hello Colin,

I get these cancellations

I think that is the Network tab. I see those too, but have no missing tiles. I imagine that each one in red gets tried again.

Are there any errors in the Console tab?

nothing in the console (besides what’s been posted by cribarbo)
it is the network tab indeed. I noticed the number of red lines match the number of faulty tiles, that’s why I drew the attention to it

I understand the cancelled ones now. I can generate a lot of those. It seems to be when a tile didn’t finish loading before you zoomed to a different level, and that tile image isn’t needed anymore. It may be a coincidence that it’s the same number.

You can right-click on any cancelled line, choose Copy/Copy link address, and paste that into a browser. The image is likely to show up. You can click the no entry icon in the upper left of the dev tools window, to clear out the current list, so that you can do a fresh test.

I kept watching that hoping that the outcome would be different when it repeated!

Click on the status column, and look for anything that isn’t 200, 302, or cancelled.

hi Colin

In my case there is nothing else…just 200,302 and cancelled

Notice how the ones that loaded came from disk cache. Which suggests that at some point those tiles loaded ok, but currently they are coming from the cached version. Tiles you haven’t seen before are trying to load from the web version.

You could do a test of going to some place you’ve never looked at before, and see if any tiles load.

Same for Paul, any that are showing are loading from the disk cache.

Colin, I know this: all the areas that I already loaded and use in SketchUp disappeared. The others are ok.

Good to know! That makes it be the opposite of what I was thinking.

In the dev tools window is a checkbox, Disable cache. Try checking that box. If that then fixes the places you have been before, close SketchUp and go into this folder (if you’re still using 2020):

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020

and delete the WebCache folder. Reopen SketchUp and see if the tiles show up. Don’t forget to uncheck the Disable cache box when you test if the cached files are now working.


Followed your instrutions but I still get this:

Did you test for a while with the Disable cache box checked?

I’ll try that on my side tomorrow ! (But I always went randomly in places I had never been before in my previous attempts, it just doesn’t load, wherever I go)