Geo-location map doesn't update



Hello everyone
am trying to model new hospital building but the sketchUp add location tool map doesn’t update with recent changes as shown in the fig below
SketcUp Geo-location tool Map

so how can i update the add location tool map?


What do you mean by “doesn’t update with recent changes”?

  • The tool stopped working correctly (for example the map does not move when you pan it with the mouse)?
  • The map source data is outdated and does not show the buildings as of today?


I dislike dodging responsibility by pointing at others, but one must recognize that Trimble does not operate the satellites that take the images, generate the maps, or the databases that supply them. There is nothing Trimble can do about less-than-current imagery or maps unless/until the provider updates them!


Assuming the second case, the satellite imagery is not real-time (the map does not show what the satellites see when they fly over us). The imagery is from map providers who license and update it from imagery providers. SketchUp has no influence on that.

It is also helpful if you click the layers button (on the right) and switch to “Trimble Map” (MapBox/OpenStreetMap). It’s not a satellite photo, but in many locations OpenStreetMap is very up-to-date, e.g. if the online community maps buildings still under construction.

If you have more up-to-date imagery (e.g. screenshots from online maps, or friends that have a plane), you can import it and align it to the correct location.
See here for aligning an imported image, and here for projecting it on terrain.


The second case


Tanks that was helpful


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