Geo Location Issue 2023

I haven’t had the need to use geo location for a long time, and now on the new install of the 2023 ConScription, I find that it does not allow me to do it, however it directs me to a page which tells me that I can do it with Skp Pro then I select the troubleshoot geo location and it tells me “maybe my near map ConScription has failed”

Don’t tell me we have to pay more to get maps to work.?
Anyone got any suggestions?

Geo-Location works fine for me with SketchUp 2023. I just tested it now and had no problem.

What is the location? What settings are you trying to use? Exactly what error message are you seeing?

Please correct your forum profile. It indicates you are using SketchUp 2018.

I don’t get an error code with 2023, I just don’t get the option to select a region, and with 2021 version I get a message that I have sign in to Skp even though I am signed in.

What you show in your screenshot simply means you need to zoom in more before you can select a region. Did you try that?

I want the whole of the Fitzroy Basin. Is that possible? when I zoom in I can only select a football fields worth.

You have to import that large of an area in multiple steps. Be aware that you can easily get a large enough area that you might have issues due to the large amount of geometry that comes in with the terrain.

I guess that will be hard to line up and get the terrain matched, it look complicated.
Thanks DaveR, I will give it a go and post my results.

As long as you don’t leavee gaps the terrain will match up automatically. All I did for the terrain in my screenshot is add more imagery and adjust the position. I did nothing to the imported terrain, though.

I’m hoping to get the terrain 3d printed, am I expecting too much?

You might be expecting a lot but it’s not impossible.

Here’s a solid I made from the three terrain chunks above. I scaled it down so the overall printed length is 300mm. I’m thinking for the area you want to do you’d probably be better off to print it in sectionns anyway. Otherwise you’d have to scale it down so much there’s be almost nothing for terrain height variation. If you want the whole region in a single 3D print you’d probably be time and money ahead to glue a printed map to a piece of foamcore.

Thanks Dave , I think you are right with the foamcore. The brief from the client is an interactive display of a river system based on the Fitzroy basin, but its so big I think it will have to be a stylized thing. Ive just spent an hour and got about 10% of the river.
Thanks for your help

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At that scale you might be better working with DEM files from the Space Shuttle earth radar scan
they re at 90metre data points (same as google earth in more uninhabited areas

Sketchup Pro can import DEM files… haven’t done in in a while though… so there might be better sources / data now, how big is the area of interest?

seems 2m resolution now available for areas of the world


Just tried to geolocate a similar area on my SU 2021 and got this message

there is no obvious sign in in the top right corner and I am signed in

Also warned that from March 2024 users of SU Pro 2021 will not be able to geolocate files

142, 482.9 sq km :slight_smile:

Thanks gsharp