Generate Report type error


I think this image explains it far better then I can, but I have 2 fields ( board length ) and ( Board price ) where cost per foot is computed, and then from that total cost is computed.
IF i don’t use the DOLLAR(value,decimal) setting it works but the price is displayed wrong in the report…
What in the world am I doing wrong?


The report is “seeing” the 220.66 as inches and convert to a fraction. try changing the cell in the attribute zcostofwall to text. you need to add “$” & to the start of the formula


it is…


try the “$” & in front and change display to text? plus default text should be text


wont that mess up the length calculations for the studs and such?


I believe all cell are in fact strings, they are then evaluated to a number. the output is then treated / converted to the type.


oh, so your saying go ahead and change board length to text / text? not text/inches?


yes, you always can undo

“i buy @ $” & 7 => “i buy @ $7”


leave the board length as inches


we’re getting there… i can have cost / ft display $ OR estimate but not both, if both are text.

I really appreciate all your help… would it be easier if I just gave you the .skp file?


I think i figured a work around… i created another field and used DOLLAR(ycostperfoot,3) and using that as a “display” & the Y one as the math…