Generate Report -Turn of " and ' in lengths and widths

Wondering if it is possible to toggle off the " (and I assume ') in generate report.
With the " mark in my widths and lengths I cannot easily manipulate the information in my materials estimating spreadsheets (would be nice to copy paste into other spreadsheets for take offs - but math functions aren’t happening with the " marks in there…)

I don’t know as this will be of help to you, but you might want to at least give it a quick read to determine that.

you could nominate a custom attribute say aLenX = lenx and report that.

I found a way to set up a formula to delete characters - so I can somewhat automate this upon importing the CSV into a template - but it is one extra step.

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I hoped it might respond to unchecking the checkbox Display Units Format in Model Info/Units. But it doesn’t.

And I found it hard to change the Units used. Worked ok if I close the report and restart it when changing from cm to inches, but even doing that didn’t change units from decimal to fractional inches. Maybe that needs a restart of SU?

But thanks for the post - it prompted me to try Generate Report for myself. I could use it, I think, more than I have hitherto.

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I have looked at building dynamic components with formulas - but there seems to be a glitch - if I push pull a width or a length (timbers, framing members, etc.) - the attributes don’t always update in real time - I have to ‘redraw’ the components - which could create an issue where I don’t get the correct sizes.

For curiosities sake what did you use to do that? I’d not tried it but assumed I could use “find and replace” in Excel to eliminate the “inches”. But upon trying it some of my fractions convert to dates.

Change the formatting of the cells to either numbers or text to avoid them being converted into dates.

“Yessir. I’d like a 2x6 that is May 3rd, 1882 long.” :smiley:

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I’d actually done that, with formatting the cells before I imported the report, and it didn’t seem to help. But I’ll give it another go because it seems like it should work! Thanks

Do it after you import the report. Otherwise the report changes the formatting of the cells. Proabably best to use Text as the category.

The import comes in fine, whole numbers and fractions, it’s when I try to eliminate the " " ", denotation is when it converts single fractions to dates. I even tried formatting to # ??/??, with no luck.

I find that scaling gives you more control then actually editing the geometry.

Interesting. When I format the cells to Text and use Find and Replace to remove the " I get the numbers as I would expect. This is in LibreOffice Calc but it should work the same way in Excel.


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I have a blank document setup and I import the CSV… (at least, that’s what I intend to do, but so far the testing has worked out)

I have used that often, but I was getting wonky results with a previous list plugin… and it doesn’t fit my workflow for the bulk of my work…

I do use it for railing systems, etc.