Generate Report - remove inch symbol from output

I haven’t found an equivalent request in topics about Generate Report.

I’m just starting to use it in SU 2021 (latest .392 version for Mac).

Even if I use Decimal Inches, in customising Generate Report, I still get the inch symbol in the CSV output, and Excel or Numbers won’t sum the lengths.

The Model Info settings of unchecking Display units format is ignored - the unit settings in Generate Report don’t have an equivalent, and should have either by default, or as an option to display units only in the column headings.

I have to use a Text Editor to remove the " symbol, and shouldn’t have to. Please (as I think there is an earlier request) put the length symbol in the column heading, not the length field.

You can bypass this completely… and just use a formula in excel that ignores the symbol.

Using metric units in a system with comma as decimal separator resulted in totally unintelligible output from Generate Report.

I’m using Numbers (Mac) not actually Excel.

How do I do that?

In Numbers,… IF we’re just talking about getting rid of all of the “ characters… the most straight forward method would be to use the Find / Replace command.

Find = “
Replace = [leave this completely empty]

Use the Replace All option… and you’ll strip away every instance of “ in your entire sheet.

… and Make sure to set the Cell Format to Numbers… so that your SUM Formula will work.

Thank you. I’ll try that next time.