Editing information output - report generator



Hi there,

I am currently creating some custom report generators.
I wondered if anyone could tell me how to remove the unit information from the data.

Specifically, I want to extract “X” length and “Y” length from paving components, which I can then use to generate the area of paving and subsequently work out costings based on total area.
I need this information to simply be a number and omit the unit format.
Is this possible?



It looks like you’d have to remove the units in the spreadsheet.

The CutList extension will drop the units display if they are turned off in Model Info>Units. If you select only your paving components and run the extension, you can get a CSV file without the units. If you have common words in the names for the paving components, you can add the words to the Sheet Materials section. It’ll calculate the total area by material, too.