Generate Report and export without units

Hi SKP-Community,

is it possible to export a report without the units?
It’s annoying to delete them all in Excel.

… if i have a group/component with a exact volume of 1,000 m3
the report show me always 1 m3, even though i set my accuracy to: 0,000.
Bug or “feature”?

Greetings and thnx for help

The option to suppress units has been requested but at least currently isn’t available. It’s not a bug. Just a feature that isn’t available.

Could the components/groups be configured into Dynamic Components where custom fields copy the dimension values and displays them as Text Only?


Yes, check the Text functions:

As confirmed by Mike, once custom fields are placed in the DC’s, the Report can pick the custom fields for output without units text.

I have not been able to get the component name to change. I would like to have the main name of the component like 12’ Gate (144"FL). Where the 144" would update from the component.