Generate Report - Uncaught TypeError

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Could anyone shed some light into this topic and be my hero!?

Enterprise License 2019
Windows 10

We would like to generate reports out of our retail projects. We have pre-defined furniture elements and only need to export the name + quantity per model for further calculation.

Attached you find the error message, I tried to generate a report with only one box in the file.

Let me know if you need more info?

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1|690x420 testfile.skp (547.9 KB)

Provided they are on the same level then using the report with the setting to 2 will give just the parent definition names

testfile.skp (539.7 KB)

I did as you describe

unfortunatelly I receive ERROR:Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Data Table’ of undefined @€ /compiled.js[155]

can you Right Click >> Inspect Element on the Generate Report window?

if not it’s using IE…

if your still on SU v17 you may need to update IE for the javascript to work…


does a restart of SketchUp helps?

You can also ‘group by’ level, first:

@john_drivenupthewall: the retail elements are defined as components with attributes, here what you asked

@MikeWayzovski: I tried but it shows the same error again

the test shows your running in the CEF using chrome, which is good, but the errors line number relates to ‘Edge’…

it also shows the euro symbol which may imply the wrong encoding…

# ruby/html uses one of these
UTF-8 Encoding:	0xE2 0x82 0xAC
# javascript needs
UTF-16 Encoding:	0x20AC

have you set the cost in euro’s anywhere?


If this is the only thing you need you can go to Window menu>Model Info>Statistics and select “only components” from the popup menu. You can then select and copy the contents of the window and paste into Excel or other application. Here is the result from your testfile:

KRF6102955-wall 3m 1
KRF6105713 Information Stand 1
KRF7057403 Showcase BIG 91 x 46 x 162 cm 1
KRF7079578 Podium with drawer 279 x 40 x 100 cm 1

And with “Show nested components” selected:

7035335-Wand Anfangsgarnitur 1
7035336-Wand Mittelgarnitur 1
7035337-Wand Endgarnitur 1
7037804Metallteile Wand Mittelgarnitur 1
7037805Metallteile Wand Endgarnitur 1
7073803-Metallteile Wand Anfangsgarnitur 1
Adapterplatte 1
Anschraubplatte 1
Bodenplatte 1
KRF6102955-wall 3m 1
KRF6105713 Information Stand 1
KRF7057403 Showcase BIG 91 x 46 x 162 cm 1
KRF7079578 Podium with drawer 279 x 40 x 100 cm 1
Podest-AGS 7
Podestlogo 1
Solo 63
fuss 4
glasfach 2
klapprahmen 1
rändelschraube 14
scharnier 6
schloss 2
standrohr 1
w-fuss 4
w-querverbinder-60 6
w-sad 2
w-steher-30 2
w-steher-60 2
wa-rw-7035465-1 3
wandlogo.dwg 1
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Maybe I explained my case not sufficiently!

I want to run the report, to see how many defined components (wall elements, podium, etc.) are used. (I do not want to know the pieces of a component). I need to put the number of retail elements out of the report to copy it to a calculation-sheet.

I tried a test with a simple box and followed a video for dynamic components creation. I tried to run a simple report but receive the same errror message.

test box.skp (312.5 KB)

Not sure, but this symbol reference has no visible data in entity info or the component attributes

I remade the components and the reference disappeared, could try this
testfile (2).skp (522.6 KB)

tried your file but same error message (thanks a lot for your effort!)

We are? (I am) able to produce a report from your file, can you run sketchup from another machine?
Or reinstall sketchup making sure you do as administrator

We tried on another machine and received the same error. I need to talk to our IT administrator to gain more insight on this point.

The statistics window has a checkbox to “Show nested components”. When you uncheck that , your component parts are not shown, as I tried to tell you.