Generate Report Scalable Components

For materials that are used in various lengths, we use dynamic components modeled originally at 12" and then limited to scale in one direction. When I run a report on these types of components they all get lumped into one row with different lengths separated by commas. (see screenshot.) I need to determine the total length of the material (in this case flashing tape) but without knowing the quantity of each length part this is not possible. Is there a way to make the report separate the items by length?

totals.skp (19.7 KB)

Choose the priority of reported attributes

Then alter the method of calculation via the icon of the reported attribute

Please upload sample as there is much that can be done

The standard Report includes the Definition name and the Quantity to report how many of the used components you would like to report. Standard aggregate setting for all attributes is ‘A set of deduped concatenated strings’…
That’s why you get all the different lengths reported beyond the FL06.

If you Group by dyc:length (drag it in the upper tray) and run the report, you get the different lengths and how many you would need to cut.
Since you are only interested in the total length, you could get rid of the Quantity and only report the length.
Since this is now a reporting attribute, you need to set it to total in the settings (These aggregate settings does not have effect when use in Group By, since Group By is basically the same aggregate)


SInce you also have LenZ to report as attribute, you could create a report with both the Total and a column with a set of different sizes to cut and how many:


Aha! thankyou, I did not realize that the aggregation settings were there. This is exactly what I was looking for.