Components problem

I have been modeling a wood deck, with bunch of beams to support, but each time i created different length object, i would have made a rectangle, presspull it and make it into a new component, which resultet in me getting 80 different components, which is same material but different lengths. Is there a way to assign all of it to one group of materials for example make them all appear as 2"8, so later i get proper calculations?

for one simple component, a joist with square ends, one can use the scale tool in the length direction to create multiple lengths of the same definition

so make a component, preferably with its cross section in the X-Z plane and length in Y, and keep this as a rule for all your members, Since you have Pro, and I understand you will continue with it, then activate the dynamic part by changing the scale behaviour and setting that scaling can only be done the Y direction to make life easier.

now look up scaling in help (later part, not using the tape measure, but the scale tool)

you will note that can scale the object to a reference point, or enter a scale (unitless) or a measure using units

so scale 0.5 would make the component half the size, type 4’6’’ would make it that length, type 3000mm would give the length of the metric conversion.

Now create a report, you can edit the default count to include LenY, thus the report will list all the 8x2 joists and their lengths

attached example
8x2 example.skp (34.9 KB)

Works like a charm, thank you once again.