Copy array components

Hi all, just have a question about multiple copied components in a model I am working on. I am working on an existing sketchup model that has raking frames with components (framing members) at different lengths that follow the rake. They are the same component and adjust the same amount even though they are different heights. I have not come across this before
Probably something basic that I never learned, cannot seem to get an answer when I google it. Thanks

I think I’m as confused as Google, can you add images and/or your model to explain what you want to know.

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Accidentally made one unique? Or grouped them as opposed to componentise them?

6277TVNZ-Americas Cup Studio Room.skp (13.6 MB)
Thanks for the reply, here is the model. If you go into the structural scene and lengthen one of the vertical members of the raking frames, all the members adjust. It is the same component but they are all different lengths. I am not sure how to do that

They have been scaled.
You can scale individual closed components and it won’t effect the rest of them.
If you scale the internal geometry they will all scale.
If you right click on a component and it has the option, Scale definition, then it has been scaled.

Thanks for that, simple, saves making each one unique. Thought it might have been an extension to create an array and scale.