[Generate Report] Option: Group instances of identical components



I have just come across the Generate Report feature of SU which could be useful in scheduling.

To test it out, I have drawn a simple racking system and applied IFC classifications to the components. I have then generated a report. You can see what I ended up with in the uploaded image.

I expected the report to group all instances of an identical component together and tell you how many were in the drawing. Instead it treats each one individually. I realise that you can export to a spreadsheet and do the calculation there, but in a complex drawing, you would be generating a hugely long list to export.

I have probably missed a setting or something that tells the report to add up as it goes. Have I?


Known issue, I think.

You can still go offline, and you’ll get the Report Gen v1 functionality, which I think groups like items.

Report Gen v2 is cloud based so it could be updated independently of the main application cycle.

Checked the Feature Requests category:

I don’t see it specifically. Do you want to move this thread to Feature Requests ?


I don’t really understand what you mean by “going offline” in this context. Do you mean doing something outside of SU? If so, I’m not sure how you would do that. But in any case, it makes what should be a single process into at least two.

Having looked at the thread you highlighted, it seems as if the Generate Report feature is a bit of a work in progress. Not unlike Dynamic Components in fact in my view.

So yes, it probably would be best for this to move to Feature Requests. Is that easy to do without starting over?


If you temporarily turn off your internet connection the report generator uses the older version. With the internet connection the report is generated by a web-side tool. They behave differently for some things.


I will try that.

So the older version is cleverer than the newer one? We live in strange times!


I wouldn’t say cleverer, just different.


Yes, simple with the Discourse forum engine, as all threads are in one database, and the thread’s category is just a collating / filtering tag. (So the thread is not really moved at all. It just appears as though is does.) And so done. Now appearing as a Feature Request. (I also re-titled the thread.)

I believe this has been discussed, and most probably already filed as a request.


This should work if you add the quantity attribute to a report. Something seems broken if you build a report from scratch though. I’ll have someone look into it.

In the mean time, try leveraging the default “Component Quantities Report” template. It does appear to be working. See below

Stay tuned!


Just wanted to update folks… In order for the component quantities to work correctly, people must start with our “Component Quantities Report” template.

The best thing to do is begin with the “Component Quantities Report” template. If you want to add more to your report click “Duplicate” then “Edit” and add any additional attribute you would like to have in your report then save.

We plan to improve this in the future so that its not necessary to start from the template.