Generate Report 2016 Save to File (not Model)

In “Generate Report” I can “save to model”, but I’d like to “save to FILE” so that I can open it from a different SU model. My work-around is to get the report on the screen, then open a new SU file. The report stays on the screen and I can now “save to model” to the 2nd file.

Hi @ron. Understood, thanks for the feedback!

Seriously!? Is there not a way to save a report template to my machine so I can access it from my other models? How does SU make the “Component Quantities Report” sample available to every model? At this point in my project, I don’t want to have to use Ron’s workaround on dozens of models.

can you break down, step by step your workaround. I have not been able to duplicate it. Thanks in advance.

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It is either hard-coded into the JavaScript for the web report applet, or hosted in some resource format on the web server.