[Feature Request] Generate Report improvements



Hi, folks!

I have some thoughts for the upcoming versions of SU’s Generate Report:

  • Ability to change the criteria/filter the results using some basic rules, i.e. fliter components by name or IFC Type;
  • Ability to export/import Report Templates throughout .skp files;
  • Ability to modify data in table (and apply it to the component);
  • To have available Material Attributes, i.e. to extract Area by material

And also to fix some issues:

  • Change the name “Level” to “Nesting level” ou “Component Nesting Level” in the Model Attributes tab

  • “Z” sorting

Thank you in advance!


And change the “Download” button to say “Save”. You don’t download from a local computer.


I understand Level as Nested Instances ??
Please make the Filter list “Current Selection” by Layers again.