Generate report with some layers off

When using Generate Report 2016 with some layers hidden, they still show in the report. Could a check box be added to filter out hidden layers?

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Hi @ron. Yeah, we have a filter for component depth but not for layer, and we ignore whether the component is visible or not. I will record this feature request.

Thanks Isaac,

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I’m hitting the same problem where I want hidden geometry excluded from reports and there’s no intuitive way. It’s very backwards for the selection tool in sketchup to ignore hidden but a report generated from that selection to include it. I would have thought this a common concern, and find it disconcerting it hasn’t been addressed in this long.


Yeah this seems like a super obvious feature to me. I tried copying my selection to a new SU instance, and generating a report there, but it copies the hidden layers over too (it’s copying entities which are hidden, but are nested in the groups I’m copying).